On 18 April 2011, through the efforts of the Polish Meat Union, in the Official Journal of the European Union was published the Commission Implementing Regulation No 379/2011 of 19 October 2011 entering the name ‘kiełbasa myśliwska’ in the register of the traditional specialities guaranteed (TSG).

The specific character of ‘kiełbasa jałowcowa’ is linked mainly to its unique taste and aroma, which are the result of the use of juniper berries in the production process. Grinding the juniper berries just before starting the production process enhances the sausage’s characteristic taste and contributes to its specific character, while the use of juniper in the smoking process adds to its taste and enhances its exceptional aroma.

The product’s characteristic taste and tenderness result from the selection of raw materials, seasoning (in particular juniper) and the natural smoking which forms part of the production process.

Its shape is the feature which sets ‘kiełbasa jałowcowa’ apart from other sausages. The sausage is sold only in two, very similar shapes, which makes it easily recognizable for consumers. ‘Kiełbasa jałowcowa’ has the appearance of an evenly wrinkled stick in the shape of a garland. It has a characteristic whorl shape, without external longitudinal creases.