The magazine is addressed to all entities of the meat industry. It is delivered to the companies that specialize in trading, slaughtering, cutting and processing of red meat. It also touches on the issues relating to the poultry market. Our free newspaper is presented during the most important economic events. Moreover, it goes to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy and to their branch offices, as well as to the state institutions acting in favour of agro-food processing industry.

A section entitled “Debuts” was prepared especially for our members. In this section we include a number of interesting new products produced by the companies affiliated with the Polish Meat Union. The publication is completely free. Please send all the information (including brief descriptions, photos, weight) to the following e-mail:

Advertising in the press strengthens the image of the company in the industry. Our readers are ideal customers for the companies partially cooperating with the meat sector. Advertisements, announcements, inserts and sponsored articles are the elements of the marketing strategy, which can also be published in the newspaper by the meat sector companies. An advertisement in our magazine gives an opportunity to gain new customers through the so called “modern distribution”. Our magazine is sent to wholesalers and chain stores, and ultimately it is planned to distribute it to retailers.

We are open to cooperation with advertisers. What is more, we offer editorial and graphical assistance. It is also possible to order a sponsored text. All graphic elements in the newspaper should be kept minimum 10 mm away from its edge.


Classic advertisements:

  1. Full page cover (including 2, 3, 4 cover) Ad on the editorial page (210mm x. 297mm)
  2. Ad on the editorial page (1/2 page vertical) 105mm x 297mm
  3. Ad on the editorial page (1/3 page vertical) 70mm x 297mm
  4. Ad on the editorial page (1/2 page horizontal) 210mm x 147mm
  5. Ad on the editorial page (1/4 page) 91mm x 13.5mm

If you are interested in publishing advertisements in the magazine “Polish Meat”, please download the application form, fill in and send it to: